Design HR Experiences, Not Processes

UX designers know better than anyone — it’s what’s inside that counts.

I’ve spent the last 12 months trying to “refresh” some HR Processes like Training, Performance Management, 9 Box Grid, Competency Frameworks, but I’ve been stuck for a while realising my mistake only recently … when I’ve discovered UX and Product Design!

The #AnnualAppraisal is dead. Finally. But during the last 20 years we’ve been working to measure employee performance and potential in different ways with different tools and frameworks and now the question for HRs is how to measure #performance and #potential during this time of organisational and #cultural change. But should we #measure or should we offer enjoyable “products” to our employees?

Great HR is messy today! Lucy Adams CEO of Disruptive HR is right. We have been using old models that are giving us a false sense of control.

Attempting to provide order and certainty about people has dominated our thinking in HR for decades!

Take the Competency Model, the framework for defining the skills and knowledge requirements for a specific role. The collection of behaviours and skills used to rate an employee’s capability in a specific role. Normally is coming in the form of a long List of Skills, normally difficult to read even for HRs.

But Design Thinking is here to help. We shouldn’t design a Competency Framework as a Process but as a Product, starting from a deep understanding of the user = employee.

You don’t know where to start? I’ve found inspiration in two cases coming from the UX World. Great Lessons for HRs!

In both cases the UX Design Companies have designed their own Competency Framework with a clear and simple process in mind. Get inspired!

Stories of our excitement, trials & tribulations building Vend

Map Your Team’s Skills Visually

The results are visual expressions of the Competencies that literally create a shape for each employee, and a shape for each role. This visual expression helps the employees determine which skillsets they need to develop, to “fill out” the roles they want to be in.

Data Visualization is the wave of the future 📈. Remember this when creating an HR Product for Millennials!

The starting point in building Products for HR is also suggested by John Bersin.

As you think about the “employee experience” (the new buzzword of the year), you have to think about how to stop interrupting people and think about how to make their work easier, more productive, and more meaningful. We need to stop thinking about HR programs as a “destination” and think about them as a “journey” or an “intervention” or a “conversation.”

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